Dear visitor,
the exhibition you’ve walked into is the result of a group of artists selected to reflect and intervene in this particular location of the VU Hortus.
The idea is that we take this moment as a starting point for future collaborations and perhaps the exhibition could travel into other botanical gardens around the world along with the work relations and friendships that we have created.
I first had the idea to provide the artists with a tool for working in a very different setting then of a gallery or museum. This was a way to open up possible mutual interests that the artists might have.
A lot of the artworks you will see are being supported in somebody else’s artwork. There are a few parallel relations between the artworks and the garden itself.
I hope you enjoy the experience and that you are able to meet us again on the 14th of June, in the Amstelpark for an “After-Thought”. On this occasion we will screen a film made in collaboration with Jasper de Bruin. The film was specially made as an outsider’s eye of the event and a visual reflection on what it might mean to make an art exhibition in a botanical garden. This way we hope to finish our journey not with a closed ending but with potential for a continuation.

Sara de Campos, Amsterdam June 2015

A Supernova Plus an After-Thought
Group Exhibition at VU Hortus Amsterdam-6 and 7 of June

Hosted by Sara de Campos

Twice a day, a guided tour will lead the audience through the artist’s interventions produced specially for the garden.

Contributions from: Mitchell Thar, Jasper Coppes, Iva Supic Jankovic, Koen Nutters, Isfrid Siljehaug, Stijn Verhoeff & Sjoerd Leijten, Han Jacobs and Sara de Campos (myself).

Posters and flyers designed by Paul Gangloff.

Photo credits: Kristina Benjocki, Jasper de Bruin and Anne Berkhof.

With Special Thanks to the VU Hortus, Maarten van Bodegraven and Hans Visser, the AFK and WE Are Public.